Isabell Neubert

    Isabell joined Bax & Company in October 2017 as an Innovation consultant intern after she decided to gain experiences in the field of Innovation Strategy before she starts with the thesis of her Master program in Strategic Innovation in Products and services.

    During her Bachelor of Industrial Design, she gained experiences in the development and design of products, but after her internships in the automotive industry, she decided to go a step deeper in the impact of products and services to the lives of people and started the Master program at the University of Wuppertal. In this program, she worked with different international companies, to change the appearance of services, brands or product-lines with a strategy, to prepare the companies for the future. Working in these projects triggered her interest to continue working in the field of strategy and innovation.

    Outside of work she enjoys doing sports and reading, meets friends and discovers Barcelona.

    Isabell speaks German and English and is working to improve her Spanish.