Jason Pettiaux

    Jason joined Bax & Company as in intern in the Energy Efficiency Cluster in October 2017.

    He finished his Master in Biomedical Engineering at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in 2017 and did an Erasmus followed by an internship in Medical Image Analysis in Berlin to learn and improve his German. After that he decided to move and embrace an international and multilingual career in a sunnier place than Brussels and moved to Barcelona.

    His interests are sustainable technology, biotechnology, blockchain and more generally science and technology that will answer the big challenges of the 21st century as well as in psychology, communication and leadership.

    Jason is very curious about how things work and determined to have brings his share to create a better world for tomorrow.

    During his Erasmus in Germany, he discovered his interests in languages and now speaks fluently French and English fluently, German, Dutch and Italian with a decent level and he´s currently working on his Spanish.