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Accelerating circular economy through procurement power, alliance- and capacity building

Partners: The ProCirc Partnership

Date: 2019 – 2023

Locations: Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Sweden

Procuring organisations play a key role in stimulating the circular economy by using their demand to change markets. The challenge is that procurement practices are typically linear by nature and not conducive to circular solutions. Procurement agencies are responsible for buying products, but are usually not involved in how materials and resources are used or disposed of. ​


The North Sea Region grapples with a significant waste crisis and the escalating costs associated with acquiring new materials. Within this context, the adoption of circular procurement emerges as a potent solution. With EU public authorities expending a substantial 14% of their GDP on public procurement annually (equating to €1.9 trillion), there exists a direct opportunity to channel investment into the circular economy. This strategic approach not only addresses the challenge of the waste crisis but also serves as a proactive measure to mitigate the region’s water crisis, thereby fostering sustainability and resilience.


Bax worked with cities and private sector organisations in the ProCirc project to identify, experiment, and prove how circular procurement could help to reduce the use of virgin materials and reduce emissions and waste in sectors such as construction and infrastructure, furniture, ICT, and textiles.​


ProCirc brought together 8 public and 3 private sector organisations, leveraging over 30 circular procurement pilots with a combined value of €40M. Each pilot aimed to reduce 20-25% of virgin materials, waste, and CO2 emissions. ​

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Project team

Kees Joosten
Director, Utrecht Office
Camilla Sandberg
Innovation Consultant

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