Climate & Environment

Innovation especially takes place where different disciplines intersect. Working in a range of high impact focus areas, Bax & Company is especially well positioned to help clients identify and develop such cross-sector innovation opportunities.

Climate adaptation, infrastructure and urbanism

Bax & Company assists cities and regions to overcome the governance, financial and technical barriers of implementing innovative approaches to climate change resilience. We are experts in turning complex urban challenges with multiple stakeholders into feasible and bankable investment and implementation programmes for infrastructure and urban development. Our work is rooted in facilitating and accelerating learning between cities, business, NGOs, academia, and government.

– Green Procurement: the pathway to reduce emissions,
– Protecting our critical infrastructure from flood damage: a case study in Bangkok,
– City2City learning: the climate resilience accelerator,
– Developing collaborative circular solutions for peatland CO2 emissions,
– Creating blue-green cities through Social Innovation and international collaboration,
– Advising US government on public works management and policy
& more



– Flood infrastructure Asset management & Investment in Renovation, adaptation & maintenance

– Building with Nature

– Blue Green Infrastructure through social innovation