Data & Smart Cities

Cities seek to leverage new Open Data and ICT-based solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of public service delivery, stimulate sustainable economic development, and achieve a greater quality of life for citizens. Bax & Company helps cities bring together technology (e.g. sensors), tools (e.g. data), and processes (e.g. market engagement) to develop and execute cross-sector Smart City strategies.

We help cities use data and technologies to address daily challenges in a way that is needed – driven, open, scalable and financially sustainable

What do we do?

We help cities improve public services through stakeholder engagement, engage the private sector to stimulate the city’s economy and innovation capacity, mobilise resources to enable cities to achieve their goals and develop and execute ambitious Smart City strategies.


– Open Source Solutions for 21st Century challenges
– Why cities should look to data-driven solutions to improve public services
– User-driven innovation in developing smart city solutions


– Smart Cities Innovation Framework Implementation
– Building an Ecosystem to Generate Opportunities in Open Data
–  Smart Cities and Open data REuse

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“Opening up data will not automatically lead to better public service delivery”

Shall we get started?

Contact us to see how we can help cities bring together technology, tools, and processes to develop and execute cross-sector Smart City strategies.

  • Bax & Company brought together 9 EU cities and 3 research partners to collaborate on the Smart Cities project SCORE (Smart Cities and Open data REuse) over 4 years with a budget of EUR 5 million. SCORE will develop open source solutions to de-silo public data and reduce duration and cost of uptake of innovation.
  • Bax & Company developed and successfully secured funding for the 3-year project BE-GOOD (Building an Ecosystem to Generate Opportunities in Open Data) with a budget of EUR 6 million. The project will connect data suppliers and users and improve public service delivery and stimulate business activity.