Providing care of equal high quality to all citizens is the ultimate mission of care providers and governments across the European Union and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, ageing populations and healthcare personnel shortages pose major challenges for current healthcare systems and traditional institutional care. As well as this, there are numerous diseases negatively affecting millions of individuals that lack a cure or effective treatment. We at Bax & Company believe that innovation, breakthrough technologies, and novel approaches to healthcare are key in sustaining the care demands of the future.

We bring together stakeholders from the entire healthcare value chain to develop and support innovative projects leading towards inclusive healthcare systems of the future.

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Reference projects

During years of supporting the healthcare sector, Bax & Company has brought to life a number of collaborative EU projects which have mobilised around €30M of funding. Two of our most recent healthcare include MatMed, which focuses on Advanced Materials for Regenerative Medicine and Medical Devices in contact with the human body, and Boost4Health, which supports innovative life science SMEs in its partner regions to launch international collaborations.

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