4 recommendations for successful blue and green infrastructure in cities

Our climate action project BEGIN (Blue Green Infrastructures through Social Innovation) just published its policy brief, which sets out four recommendations for local governments that aim to construct Blue and Green Infrastructure (BGI) in their cities. Co-authored by Dr. Jannes Willems (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Prof. Richard Ashley (IHE-Delft), Dr. William Veerbeek (IHE-Delft), Ellen Kelder (City of Dordrecht), and our own Dr. Sebastiaan van Herk, the document aims to support local governments create more liveable and climate-resilient cities.

The four recommendations are:

To make the contents of the policy brief as accessible as possible for all, we’ve created an interactive version with extra information on the social innovation cases from the BEGIN project.

If you’d like further information on the BEGIN project, the policy brief, or our other climate adaptation projects, reach out to one of us below:

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