Marine Viale

Marine joined Bax & Company in August 2022 as an Innovation Consultant. She has experience working with multinationals, startup social enterprises and NGOs. These experiences corroborated her [...]

Marta Rofin Serrà

Marta is an architect and urban planner with extensive experience in master planning, urban management, and the incorporation of health in urban development. She is a senior strategy consultant [...]

Indira Altynbekova

Indira Altynbekova joined Bax & Company as an intern in advanced materials team in January 2022. Indira accomplished a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a focus on environmental chemistry [...]

Dominic Stephen

Dominic joined Bax & Company in September 2022 as an Innovation Consultant within the Energy Efficiency Team. Dominic holds a Bachelor’s degree in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a focus [...]

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