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We are the only animals which build habitats that harm us.

Eloi Juvillà, Director of Building and Logistics at the Diputacio de Barcelona, speaking on Ideas That Happen

We recently sat down with Eloi Juvillà, Director of Building and Logistics at the Diputació de Barcelona, to learn how Barcelona is rethinking city design for healthy urban living. Together with Marta Rofin Serrà, the head of Healthy Cities, we discussed:

🚗 How economic and car-centred planning has made health an afterthought when designing cities – the habitat and home to over 75% of Europe’s population – contributing to thousands of preventable deaths

⛑ How Barcelona is leading a growing movement of cities putting the health of citizens first when planning new or regenerated areas of a city

🏙 How Barcelona’s La Industrial+ regeneration project offers a real life example of health-driven planning leading the way to healthier outcomes 


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