Bax & Company Barcelona HQ doubles its office space to facilitate growth

A letter from the Founding Partner

Laszlo Bax, Founding partner of Bax & Company

It has been a tough search, but after several months of looking at all kinds of spaces in the centre of Barcelona, we have finally found a new office that suits us. As I write this, we are packing our stuff in boxes: computers, screens, documents, supplies, paintings, all of it. The location is bright and central, with lots of spaces to have meetings and several larger session rooms. We will have lots of space to grow, which is why we needed to change offices in the first place.

From June 1st we will be based in C/ Casp 118-120.

The dynamics of moving to a bigger office are definitely energising. You redecorate the place, you think about floor plans and seating arrangements, you invest in new furniture and new infrastructure (plenty of white boards!). And best of all, you can hire new great talent.

Since we set up our first small office in Barcelona in 2002, we have moved several times, and each time the step has been an enabler for growth. This time the move will also come with substantial upgrades in our ICT systems; we really look forward to better telcos with optic-fibre-enabled crisp and clear sound quality (let us know if you can notice the difference!).

The move is also a step forward in terms of consolidating the new shareholder structure, in which trusted and proven senior team members turn into fellow entrepreneurs. The present partnership consists of Rolf Bastiaanssen, Sebastiaan van Herk and myself. Each of us drives a couple of specialist focus areas within the Bax & Company portfolio.

We are growing further in several ways: shareholders, office space, team size and assignment impact. The latter is perhaps the most important one of all. The projects we build and manage for our clients capture the imagination as they enable real impact “on the ground”. Our intensive approach to building and managing such meaningful projects is paying off. Clients increasingly recognise the difference between a project that only sounds good on paper, compared to a project that actually delivers change and innovation on a scale that matters to industry, to policy makers, to the environment and to the citizen.

We sincerely look forward to continue serving ambitious clients in creating and managing innovation projects that deliver true business growth, sustainability and competitiveness on a scale that matters. Which perhaps is the biggest joy of being a part of Bax & Company: to work for clients that truly want to make a difference and count on our high quality pro-active support to help them deliver on their ambitions.


Laszlo Bax

Founding partner of Bax & Company

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