Bax & Company expands its presence in European smart city network

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Efficient code re-use of solutions among public organisations allows for better use of taxpayers’ money and leverages network effects toward desirable data-driven public sector innovation. Smart Cities share common challenges in extracting value from open data such as high costs of proprietary software, data siloed in different departments and organisations, joint technical problems (e.g., legacy systems), vendor lock-ins, etc.

Bax & Company works together with eight Smart Cities (Amsterdam, Hamburg, Dordrecht, Bergen, Bradford, Aberdeen, Aarhus, and Ghent) and five knowledge partners (Johanneberg Science Park, Amsterdam Science Park, University of Bradford, University of Aarhus, and Digipolis Ghent) to address these common challenges. All these organisations will be part of the collaborative project SCORE (Smart City Open Data RE-use).


In SCORE, cities will co-define and develop open source solutions for joint societal challenges in the field of urban mobility, traffic, environment, and water management. The main objective of SCORE is to improve and optimise public service delivery by joining resources and expertise at a transnational level.



Bax & Company will present the innovative concept and approach of SCORE at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. If you are attending this conference, come to meet us!

For more information on what Bax & Company can do for your Smart City look at our poster.

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