Lightweight ALLIANCE at global automotive event

Bax & Company attended the Aachen Body Engineering Days 2017 to represent the ALLIANCE Project.

Bax & Company joined some of the world’s most notable OEMs, including BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mazda and Opel, for the Aachen Body Engineering Days; to promote the ALLIANCE Lightweight Open Innovation Challenge, ahead of its launch on October 1st.

The event saw around 250 attendees, from around the world, and 18 presentations covering a variety of aspects of body engineering; from lightweight body concepts for electric vehicles, to characterisation and modelling of joining technologies.

New Automotive Bodies with an emphasis on lightweight Electric Vehicles

Opel’s Ampera e, with a multi-material lightweight body, allowing it to travel up to 500 km on a single charge.

There were presentations and demonstrations by leading car manufacturers. Notable presentations included the Rolls Royce

Phantom VIII, BMW’s new 5 Series Sedan and Touring car bodies, Land Rover’s 2017 Discovery and Opel’s new Insignia and their new electric car, the Ampera e.

There was a significant emphasis on Electric Vehicles, both from car manufacturers and parts suppliers, with presentations on lightweight battery housings and other lightweight solutions aimed to adapt existing platforms to the world of electric motoring. Most notable was Opel’s Ampera e body, with a multi-material lightweight body, allowing it to travel up to 500 km on a single charge.

Enthusiastic to learn more about the Lightweight Open Innovation Challenge

The ALLIANCE Lightweight Open Innovation Challenge was welcomed positively, by parts and materials suppliers and manufacturers, who are looking forward to learning more about the challenge, when it launches, and OEMs are looking forward to seeing how the lightweight solutions will develop.

Bax & Company consultant and ALLIANCE LOI Challenge representative, Marcos Ierides said of the event “This year’s Aachen Body Engineering Days fulfilled expectations once more, bringing together experts in automotive engineering from around the world, and updating on the latest developments in the field.” On the LOI Challenge, he added, “manufacturers showed enthusiasm towards the challenge, as it will give them the opportunity to co-develop their solutions with the OEMs.”

The ALLIANCE Light Weight Open Innovation Challenge will launch on October 1st through their website –

Bax & Company have been responsible for bringing together the strong European partnership needed to develop the challenge and look forward to taking the project forward as challenge coordinators.

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