Bax & Willems spreads its wings under a new name: Bax & Company

Dear clients, partners, friends,

As with people, so do companies reflect on their course every 10 years. This is the moment that we find ourselves in, when we decided it’s time for a change.

Bax & Willems is now Bax & Company.


The Bax & Company team

The Bax & Company team

It’s not just changing the name and logo of the company – the vision, mission, values and strategy have to be realigned with the direction the company wants to go in the future. It’s a new era of maturity and a positive outlook towards the future. This name change also reflects the change in our partner structure, welcoming Dr. Sebastiaan van Herk and Rolf Bastiaanssen as shareholding partners.


What do we stand for?

“Value from science & technology”

At Bax & Company, we strongly believe that Science & Technology can have a positive impact in the greater challenges faced in our world. We help innovation to be performed efficiently as well as effectively, especially through collaborations. We connect the worlds of business and S&T while leveraging know-how on the process of how to get science to the market. We focus on meaningful delivery: result oriented, high quality and time bound; both for and on behalf of our clients. Our new slogan, stands for a refreshed focus on our mission, the drive of our clients and our people.


Creating impact together

We would have not arrived until here if it were not for all of you, our clients and partners. Here’s a few spotlights on the achievements we had made together.

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15 years of making cars lighter. We have leveraged more than 30 million euros of public funding for making cars lighter, thus expecting to directly reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the effect of the road transport sector on climate change.


Improving urban energy systems since 2005. We have supported cities and housing providers in developing and implementing business cases and large scale renovation programmes using innovative materials and technologies for energy efficiency, leading to 1000s of homes being renovated and several megatons of CO2 saved.


Implementing new strategies in flood infrastructure management
We leverage our innovative investment and asset management approaches to efficiently reinforce primary infrastructures against flooding, which are worth more than €100 billion across northern EU.

What does it mean for you?

We want to serve you better, with the quality of delivery you are used to and a renewed drive towards results and impact for you. We are also coming closer to you, with a new office in the UK and an enhanced presence in the Benelux.


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