Blockchain Interactive EU Event with Industry Experts

Industry experts will showcase examples of blockchain technology’s potential in healthcare, agrofood, logistics and government during this interactive online event for the Blockstart project. 

Blockchain is a bit of a buzzword, but often SMEs and local governments are unclear on how blockchain technology can benefit them. Go beyond the buzz on blockchain during this showcase of real-world blockchain projects in sectors where the technology is not currently common practice.

Hosted by Brightlands and presented by blockchain expert Jan Scheele, the event will be an interactive, dynamic guide to blockchain’s potential. Scheele will kick off the event with a short introduction to blockchain’s present and future usages. Following this, Blockstart, Spark Living Lab and BLING will present their blockchain projects to demonstrate successful examples of the technology’s use in agrofood/healthcare, logistics, and government. During the event, several other successful implementations by Limburgian organisations will also be showcased. Finally, the guests will explore the blockchain ecosystem during a roundtable discussion. The event will close with an optional networking session in digital break out rooms.

Brightlands blockchain event
Brightlands blockchain event

Blockchain technology can seem daunting at first, so this event aims to make it easy, ensuring attendees leave with an in-depth understanding of this vital technology. The session will be interactive throughout, weaving in video content, quizzes, breakout rooms and plenty of opportunities to put your questions to the experts.

The agrofood, health, logistics and government sectors are crucial for building a healthy and sustainable future – and their data is too important to not be secure. For anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of blockchain and its real-world use cases outside of the typical tech sphere, this event is not to be missed.

We want to cater to the needs of your business and explore if Blockchain or other digital solutions can provide opportunities; this event can be a starting point for SMEs.

Sebastiaan van Herk, Director of Digital at Bax & Company

Find out more and register for the event below.

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