Co-hosting the ‘future of automotive lightweighting’ webinar with OPEL and ika RWTH

On Wednesday January 24th at 12:00 (CET), Bax & Company will be co-hosting an interactive webinar with leading automotive entities OPEL and ika RWTH Aachen University, to discuss the future of automotive lightweighting.

The hour-long session, organised by ALLIANCE (Affordable Lightweight Automobiles Alliance), welcomes SMEs and lightweighting innovators with a keen interest in shaping the future of affordable lightweight vehicles.

The webinar will allow participants to discover the state-of-the-art developments in automotive lightweighting taking place in the ALLIANCE project and the novel solutions that OEMs and other automotive leading entities are working on in the lightweight sector. A Q&A session will follow the presentations, so attendees can share ideas and challenges and have their burning questions answered.

It is also a great opportunity for applicants of the ALLIANCE Lightweight Open Innovation Challenge (LOIC), which we set up in collaboration with Europe’s key car manufacturers; Daimler, Volvo, Opel, Toyota, Volkswagen, CRF – the Research Center of FCA, as well as 4 suppliers and 7 other knowledge partners.

The webinar will be highly valuable for LOIC applicants as they will have an opportunity to gain insight into the next phase of the challenge, before applications close on February 1st.

You must secure your spot promptly as spaces are limited.

To sign up for the webinar, contact Laia

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