Event: Dialogues Towards a European Peatlands Initiative at COP26

What: Dialogues Towards a European Peatlands Initiative at COP26
: 12 November 11-13 GMT
How: Register for the peatland pavilion to watch the live stream of the event here

Join us at the closing of COP26 to find out how open collaboration between governments and stakeholders across Europe and accelerate action for peatland restoration and protection.

Don’t miss Dialogues Towards a European Peatlands Initiative, on 12/11, the closing day of COP26. The Government of Ireland will bring together European ministers and peatland experts for a dialogue on activating stakeholders for open, pan-European collaboration on peatlands.

To reverse the loss of peatlands across Europe, all stakeholders must come together and accelerate action. In 2019, at the United Nations Environment Assembly, all countries committed to work together toward the Conservation and Sustainable Management of peatlands articulated in the UNEA Resolution 4/16. As we enter the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, it is crucial that we ensure peatlands are conserved, restored and sustainably managed now and for our future.

During Dialogues Towards a European Peatlands Initiative government representatives from Ireland, Iceland and beyond will share the important lessons from their respective countries that could help peatland restoration and protection, expert stakeholders will outline their outlook for the future, and ministers will discuss the benefits future collaboration could bring.

The aim is to explore the need for open collaboration between all countries and peatland stakeholders across Europe in order to achieve the best outcome for peatlands. This event is the first step on a journey – open to all European countries and peatland actors alike – to shaping a model of effective European peatland collaboration that fulfils crucial needs and boosts action on peatlands.

Speakers & Agenda

Session Hosts:
Chair: Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform Malcolm Noonan (Government of Ireland)
Moderator: Cisca Devereux, Bax & Company
Q&A: Harm Schoten, Director of Eurosite

11:00 Minister Roundtable: What can Europe learn from each other?
Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources Gudmundur Ingi Gudbrandsson (Government of Iceland)
Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity Pippa Hackett (Government of Ireland)
Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, Kristina Simonaitytė (Government of Lithuania)
Minister of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Svenja Schulze (Government of Germany)

12:40 Expert Stakeholders: State of the Art & Future Outlook in Europe:
Franziska Tanneberger, Director of Greifswald Mire Centre
Andrew Millar, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Scottish Government
Harm Schoten, Director of Eurosite
Aldert van Weeren, Wetland Product Foundation & Farmer
Shane Regan, Eco-hydrologist, National Parks and Wildlife Service (Ireland)
Hans Schutten, Programme Head, Wetlands International

12:30: Discussion – Q&A: How can we shape European Peatland Collaboration?

Call to action: Dianna Kopansky,  UNEP- Global Peatlands Initiative Coordinator
Closing words: Minister Malcom Noonan

13:00: Close of session

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This event was supported by the Multi Peat Project funded the LIFE Programme.

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