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Best practices for Open Innovation
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Open Innovation best practices can inspire you, make you re-think your work, and ultimately improve your business. Innovation challenges the ‘business as usual’ mindset and it is under these circumstances when best practices are essential. However, best practices are not easy to find. This is why in Science2Society we are making sure that everyone can access and learn from ‘real life’ Open Innovation success stories.

Bax & Company has selected and published fifteen case studies from leading universities, RTOs and private companies that illustrate key lessons in Open Innovation and Open Science.

These case studies exemplify key lessons in relevant University-Industry-Society interfacing schemes, which cover a wide range of approaches and advances far beyond the traditional role of the interface as a facilitator of knowledge transfer from university to business.

Download the brochure on “Best practices for Open Innovation” here.

Science2Society is a EU-funded project that aims to boost innovation efficiency across Europe. To improve the efficiency of the innovation system, this project analyses the ways it creates new businesses, turns technology into products and services, attracts financing and generally creates value from academic research. Science2Society brings together practitioners and system experts, including universities, industries, research and technology organisations and SMEs, with the common goal of increasing the throughput capacity of the European innovation system. The project is endorsed by large networks of peers (EU-level) and the innovation ecosystem.

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