Giving vulnerable children a step up: the essential work of Casal dels infants

Creating value from Science and Technology relies on educated and brilliant people. At Bax & Company, we see, first hand, the importance of education; without the scientists, researchers, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs that we work with, we wouldn’t have been able to collaborate with organisations to create a more sustainable and resilient world. Whilst most children go to school, unfortunately, not all of them have access to the additional educational and emotional support they need.

We believe that all children and teenagers should have the right to specific and necessary educational attention to keep up with school, no matter their background or their parents’ financial situation. Efficient learning doesn’t just depend on what happens inside the classroom, but also the relationship that is established outside educational centers.

We encourage these relationships by contributing to Casal dels Infants. Since 1983, this Barcelona-based charity has taken care of children and young people, at risk of exclusion by society. They build spaces of security and comfort, so that during evenings and weekends, kids can interact with positive role models and continue their learning and development. We are thrilled to be collaborating with such an impactful association.

The team of 1,368 people, of which 1,170 are volunteers, tirelessly work towards a fairer and more responsible society. A society in which everyone; citizens, schools, companies and organisations, public institutions and the media; are committed to building encouraging environments for children and young people. Their success has led them to work with people all over Catalonia, and even Morocco.

In neighbourhoods with social inequality, daily positive reinforcement in the classroom, combined with educational leisure, are key in fighting against poor school performance and strengthening students’ personal and social skills.

Younger generations will dictate the future of this world. Giving them a positive start in life will ensure they have the encouragement and knowledge to help them become brilliant.

Bax & Company are proud to be supporting Casal dels Infants in building a society that offers equal opportunities to all children and young people and we thank them for all their hard work.

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