Hosting Co-Creation Customer Journey Workshops

In early July, we put to use our brand new workshop room at the new Bax & Company HQ by hosting a selection of psychiatrists, clinical researchers, designers, consultants, parents and patients to discuss the ‘customer journey’ leading to a diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).

Bax & Company facilitated the session for Braingaze, a company revolutionising mental healthcare diagnostics through a combination of patented neuro-biomarkers, serious games and artificial intelligence.

We hosted & facilitated a co-creation workshop with psychiatrists, clinical researchers, designers, consultants, parents and patients

The diagnosis of ADHD can be complex, and many steps need to be taken by each of the stakeholders in the complete process. By bringing the actors together (clinicians, parents, children) in a co-creation workshop, we were able to develop a shared understanding of the experiences, motivations and needs of the participants. These participant contributions are then translated into tangible improved products, services and IT solutions by designers in order to work towards delivering a more empathic and effective journey, easing the difficulties of a diagnosis.

By using a variety of scenarios and hands on activities to provoke discussion, the session allowed us to delve into the needs of the different stakeholders and receive effective and relevant feedback on the present diagnosis protocol.

Co-creation can be an effective approach that allows designers and engineers to truly understand their clients & end-user experiences, feelings and uncertainties when interacting with the system. In a complex and fast moving, tech-enabled world, sharing customer experiences, ideas and perceptions can help businesses and non-profit organisations to provide relevant solutions that better meet their end user’s needs.

One of the biggest challenges of co-creation is creating a motivated and collaborative group dynamic, where all of the participants feel equal and able to share their ideas and experiences. At Bax & Company, we understand that effective co-creation comes from harnessing what motivates and incentivises the stakeholders, building trust and creating a safe environment to participate.

Contact our team for information about how we can leverage our knowledge, methods and facilitation skills to make your co-creation initiatives come alive.

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