Join Bax & Company at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg

Next month, meet us at the biggest event on smart mobility and the digitalisation of transport: the ITS Congress. This year held in Hamburg, the Bax & Company team look forward to participating on behalf of two fantastic autonomous mobility initiatives: SAFE-UP (proactive SAFEty systems and tools for a constantly UPgrading road environment) and PAV (Planning for Autonomous Vehicles).


As innovations like connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) disrupt mobility as we know it, new safety challenges will keep emerging. The SAFE-UP initiative is addressing upcoming road safety challenges by identifying future safety-critical scenarios and developing tools and new technologies – for both active and passive safety systems – in four demos.

The future safety-critical scenarios will be identified and analysed in a highly automated and mixed traffic environment by integrating accident data and future traffic conditions with new forms of safety metrics and sub-microscopic models in a traffic simulation platform. To minimise the criticality of these scenarios, four demos will be developed. The project’s holistic approach means that all road users are considered, including those outside the car. 


Whilst SAFE-UP is investigating the safety aspects of autonomous vehicles (AVs), the PAV project is focused on stimulating the uptake of shared autonomous vehicles by developing green transport and spatial planning strategies that incorporate autonomous vehicles.

AVs have the potential to radically transform the spaces we travel through and to. While many European cities have already started experimenting with autonomous mobility, much of the current discussion revolves around the technology itself and its potential social and environmental impact. But if AVs aren’t properly integrated into a city’s spatial planning, they won’t be able to deliver on their promised potential. Beyond working directly with its partner cities, PAV is helping other local authorities integrate autonomous mobility by making the necessary knowledge and methodology freely and easily accessible.



A comprehensive look into proactive safety: solutions for a highly automated and mixed traffic environment
October 12th @ 11:00


Assessing the impacts of emerging technologies for
integrated planning
October 13th @ 14:00

Session details

Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) is expected to resolve many road-safety issues, since over 90% of current road accidents are caused by human error, but how do we define a new approach to ensure that we can tap into the safety benefits promised by CCAM? Is there a way to effectively translate them into positive impacts for citizens and mobility, both in urban contexts and beyond, that allows us to get back on the path towards zero deaths on EU roads by 2050?

Moderated by our own Ignacio Magallón, this expert panel session will feature representatives from the European Commission’s DG-MOVE, Applus+ IDIADA, Aimsun, TNO and HIT CERTH.

Session details

New and emerging mobility services and technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, e-scooters and MaaS-schemes, are emerging throughout cities across the globe. Forecasting, backcasting and understanding future impacts is essential for public authorities to develop and implement integrated mobility planning. It allows them to put specific policies into action to steer the future of these technologies.  How can these new technological solutions be integrated into existing mobility offers by public and private operators?

This expert panel session is in collaboration with fellow EU projects: Dynaxibility4CE, LEVITATE and MOMENTUM.

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