SCENARIO: improving energy efficiency through smart renovation decision making

SCENARIO data visualisation

Example of SCENARIO output. We use SCENARIO to connect data and add smart modelling to create powerful interactive analytics and visualisations.

For large real estate portfolios, choosing how to best invest in upgrading assets requires bringing together information and expertise from across the organization. Many housing organizations collect large amounts of data on their building portfolio, but find it challenging to constructively use this data to guide decision-making in renovation investments. Often, as much as 70% of data is missing or is of low quality, which results in uninformed decision-making and suboptimal renovation strategies.

Bax & Company has built a model that helps real estate organizations evaluate their renovation strategies to improve energy efficiency. We do this by managing all the data available about the building portfolio, modeling missing data to improve data quality, and mapping this against the specific priorities of the organization.

The model was developed in collaboration with housing associations. By developing the model alongside working with clients, we gained a deep understanding of both spoken needs as well as underlying issues that drive the housing industry.



Bax & Company helped Places for People (UK) analyze, define and quantify investment programs totaling £40M, by using SCENARIO to analyze the quality of their 150,000 dwellings across the UK at building and component level


If you are interested in a free trial in which we map your data and evaluate the quality, or you just want to hear more about our involvement in housing renovation to increase energy efficiency, please contact our team.

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