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Revitalising Barcelona’s industrial Besòs district through healthy urban planning

Barcelona City Council has awarded Bax & Company the opportunity to create an urban redevelopment strategy for one of the city’s biggest industrial districts. The neighbourhood surrounding the industrial zone is one of Barcelona’s most deprived areas, with a life expectancy 12 years below more affluent parts of the city. Our strategy imagines an Innovation [...]

Healthy Cities team win Research Award at International Healthy City Design Congress

Bax & Company's Healthy Cities team were invited to present at the Healthy City Design International Congress, showcasing their work on healthy city planning for more than 500 urban practitioners. The team’s work on the Healthy Cities Generator was awarded Best Research Paper of the Congress. Celebrating human-centred urban design The 2023 Healthy City Design [...]

Designing human habitats healthy enough to prescribe

Bax & Company's Healthy Cities team has guided a group of expert urban practitioners to understand the power of prescribing green space and socialising for urban wellbeing. Organised by the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), the workshop showed planners and health professionals how to use urban design as a first-choice treatment for mental illness [...]

Sharing the future of living and moving at the Smart City Expo and beyond

What will the smart cities of our future look like?   Over 20,000 people attended the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona earlier this month to answer that question.  The conference showcased a full array of city-improving technologies, from renewable energy systems to autonomous vehicles to indoor plant farms. Bax & Company’s Smart Cities [...]

The Open Source Starter Kit for Public Service Delivery

To help public service providers harness digital solutions to do more with less, Bax & Company has produced the Open Source Starter Kit for Public Service Delivery. The Kit contains three documents to help providers make sense of the value that cost-effective open source solutions can offer their service delivery. The Municipality of Dordrecht developed [...]

5 Lessons from European Cities Using Open Source Software to Improve Public Services

Digital innovation is key to improving public services, and relies heavily on supporting softwares... Cities and governments have a responsibility to exploit digital innovation as it represents a key opportunity for meeting citizens’ expectations of next generation public services and helps cities in solving societal challenges. Open collaboration around software development and data sharing can [...]

Exploiting the Potential of Open Source Software for Better, Cheaper, Faster Public Services

The world is changing. Transformations of mobility patterns, pressing air quality issues, and growing flood risks present new challenges for European cities. Now, however, thanks to data and digitalisation, cities can tackle these challenges together. Rather than reinventing the wheel or going down the traditional software vendor route with its associated issues, cities can improve [...]

Holistic Health and Urban Planning: Visualising Impact with the Healthy Cities Generator

What does a holistic approach to health look like? Often, people’s replies will cover medical care, diet, and exercise - but as urban populations continue to accelerate, urban planning is increasingly recognised as a pillar of holistic health. Connecting health and urban planning To connect the dots between health and urban planning, professionals need tools [...]

How can cities bring smart mobility to all?

Urban mobility is one of the fastest-changing elements of society. Until recent years, our transport options were scarce, limited to conventional public or private transport – like buses, metros, or cars – but new smart mobility (e.g. shared bikes or scooters) provides us with a multitude of options. There is a problem however. Although smart [...]

Share and Share Alike: Replicable Open-Source Solutions for Improved Public Service Delivery

Originally published in IoT For All by Amber De La Haye, Camilla Sandberg, Juliette Tenart and Sebastiaan van Herk Our world is changing. Transformations to mobility patterns, pressing air quality issues and growing flood risks present new challenges for European cities. Now, however, thanks to digitization and data, cities can tackle these challenges together. Rather [...]