Our services focus on helping clients create impact from science and technology-driven innovation. We tailor our services and team specifically to each assignment, in order to address the opportunities and challenges facing the client organisation.

Implement Strategies

We deliver fact-based insights in science and technology and leverage these insights to support clients when defining their innovation strategies; balancing investments, risks and rewards for maximum impact.

  • Define and elaborate business cases and business plans
  • Develop regional economic & innovation policies
  • Benchmark technology uniqueness & added value
  • Provide emerging area business intelligence
  • Shape new business development strategies
  • Define route-to-market approaches
  • Analyse feasibility and impact of new technologies, incl. roadmapping
  • Facilitate the innovative tendering of sustainable goods & services

Mobilise Resources

We shape your innovation initiatives into proposals and business plans that attract public and private investments.

  • Develop large-scale collaborative R&D projects, including Horizon Europe
  • Secure regional funding including bid preparation for INTERREG
  • Facilitate access to innovation and infrastructure loans and grants, including EIB or national programmes
  • Pre-select suitable private finance sources for high-tech ventures
  • Facilitate alternative financing, e.g. crowdfunding

Manage Alliances

We combine open innovation expertise, large-scale project management experience and an understanding of multi-stakeholder interests to help you make your strategy a reality.

  • Build ambitious innovation alliances
  • Manage of large-scale collaborative projects
  • Find the right innovation partners
  • Create and dynamise clusters and international networks
  • Facilitate city-to-city learning  [ Download Brochure ]
  • Enable cross-regional collaboration

Develop Thought Leadership

We pinpoint strategic learnings from innovations, combining our team’s birds-eye-view with the knowledge of specialised experts to articulate future-shaping ideas.

  • Distil workshops into publications packed with key ideas
  • Convene global experts to amplify knowledge
  • Analyse and articulate learnings for lasting impact [ Download Policy Brief ]
  • Facilitate international collaborative learning outputs
  • Activate networks to disseminate best practice recommendations

  • 'Bax & Company managed our highly sensitive consortium meeting to great content of all participants'

  • 'Bax & Company has been able to smoothly manage collaborations between some of the most aggressive competitors in European car industry'

  • 'Bax & Company fully grasped the essence of our technology-intensive business which allowed them to deliver highly appropriate connections and insights'

  • 'Bax & Company really did a good job compared to other consultancies. They understood our ambitions as well as those of our partners and managed to bring it together in a convincing project plan. We really liked their hands-on and forward-thinking approach in getting things done'

  • 'You notice that Bax & Company got their feet wet in consortium management; the alliances they build make sense and they push everybody to go the extra mile'

  • 'Bax & Company overall success rates are above 65% for H2020 and above 90% for Interreg programs'

  • 'Bax & Company kindly but firmly declined to develop our initiative and fully argued why they did not believe it could work. They saved us years of time and millions of euros'

  • 'Bax & Company refused to let our ambitions be limited by the resources we had available internally. They showed us how we could accomplish ten times more leveraging the resources of others'