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Sharing the future of living and moving at the Smart City Expo and beyond

What will the smart cities of our future look like?   Over 20,000 people attended the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona earlier this month to answer that question.  The conference showcased a full array of city-improving technologies, from renewable energy systems to autonomous vehicles to indoor plant farms. Bax & Company’s Smart Cities [...]

The Open Source Starter Kit for Public Service Delivery

To help public service providers harness digital solutions to do more with less, Bax & Company has produced the Open Source Starter Kit for Public Service Delivery. The Kit contains three documents to help providers make sense of the value that cost-effective open source solutions can offer their service delivery. The Municipality of Dordrecht developed [...]

5 Lessons from European Cities Using Open Source Software to Improve Public Services

Digital innovation is key to improving public services, and relies heavily on supporting softwares... Cities and governments have a responsibility to exploit digital innovation as it represents a key opportunity for meeting citizens’ expectations of next generation public services and helps cities in solving societal challenges. Open collaboration around software development and data sharing can [...]

Exploiting the Potential of Open Source Software for Better, Cheaper, Faster Public Services

The world is changing. Transformations of mobility patterns, pressing air quality issues, and growing flood risks present new challenges for European cities. Now, however, thanks to data and digitalisation, cities can tackle these challenges together. Rather than reinventing the wheel or going down the traditional software vendor route with its associated issues, cities can improve [...]

Share and Share Alike: Replicable Open-Source Solutions for Improved Public Service Delivery

Originally published in IoT For All by Amber De La Haye, Camilla Sandberg, Juliette Tenart and Sebastiaan van Herk Our world is changing. Transformations to mobility patterns, pressing air quality issues and growing flood risks present new challenges for European cities. Now, however, thanks to digitization and data, cities can tackle these challenges together. Rather [...]

Blockchain Interactive EU Event with Industry Experts

Industry experts will showcase examples of blockchain technology’s potential in healthcare, agrofood, logistics and government during this interactive online event for the Blockstart project.  Blockchain is a bit of a buzzword, but often SMEs and local governments are unclear on how blockchain technology can benefit them. Go beyond the buzz on blockchain during this showcase [...]

Gender Equal Cities are Healthy Cities

By Sofia Aivalioti, Amber De La Haye, Sebastiaan van Herk, and Marta Rofin Serra. What makes a city a healthy place to live, work, and socialise? And do planning needs differ depending on gender? For International Women’s Day this year we are exploring some key ideas of how urban planning can be used to foster [...]

HEALTHY CITIES: Bridging Urban Planning and Health

By Sofia Aivalioti, Sebastiaan van Herk, Marta Rofin Serra and Amber De La Haye. Almost all urban planning policies and actions have an impact on human health. Think busy, polluting roads, unwalkable streets, or access to shops selling fresh fruit and vegetables. By baking health factors into every stage of the planning process, the HEALTHY [...]

Increasing SME competitiveness with Blockchain solutions

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are rapidly re-shaping how society can benefit from digitalisation. Blockchain is one of the newest innovations of our generation. To put it simply, blockchain is for value sharing, what the internet became for information sharing. Today, over 30 billion devices are interconnected within IoT (Internet of Things), with that [...]

Five ways we can systemically transform last-mile logistics

This post was originally written by Bax & Company consultant David Fernández for Parcel and Postal Technology magazine. COVID-19 has caused short-term disruptions and long-term structural changes in many sectors, and urban logistics is no exception. E-commerce has experienced soaring growth, particularly for groceries and home care, as a result of people buying significantly more [...]