Aitor Hornés

Innovation Consultant

Areas of work: Innovative materials, Biobased materials, 2D materials, Lightweighting

Office: Barcelona

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

Education: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Salamanca (Spain), Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)

Previous work experience: I’ve worked as a scientist for more than 14 years (h-index = 20) on diverse topics related to innovative materials development. Starting from catalysts, delving into fuel cells (PhD Thesis) and, in the last years, working with 3D printing, sensors, thin films and Si-technologies. During this period, I had the opportunity to live and work in several countries: Spain (Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry, ICP-CSIC; University of Cadiz, UCA; UNED, CIEMAT and Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, IREC), USA (University of Pennsylvania, UPenn), Brazil (University of Sao Paulo, USP) and Germany (German Aerospace Center, DLR). In addition, I complemented my CV with business-related aspects, taking several courses on IPR protection and commercialisation, entrepreneurship and business development, and negotiation skills.

At the weekend: I’m problem-solving and repairing things with my hands. I also like to read, socialise, practice sports or play board games.

An idea that powers me: Because I care about people, I am passionate about science and technology, as they are catalysts of major transformative changes in society. With this goal in mind, I focus on fostering the development of sustainable and circular solutions that address pressing global challenges by building bridges between cutting-edge technology developers and industrial partners, enabling innovative sustainable concepts to reach society and generate multilateral benefits to improve people’s well-being.

Case Studies

  • Materials
Strengthening European leadership in the field of lightweight materials and technologies