Albert Serra

Albert joined Bax & Company in September 2017. His focus areas are in the domains of Automotive and Healthcare.
As an innovation consultant, he supports a variety of clients bring new knowledge and technologies to market with success, as well as helping them understand how different trends are shaping the future of their business and how to take advantage for a better market positioning. Either through setting-up and managing multi-stakeholder open innovation initiatives or through strategic assignments with the management teams of single clients, Albert is always ready to jump on new and exciting projects together with our clients.

He holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). His wide interest in business and technological innovation has led him to work on a variety of innovative projects, from a start-up specialised in managing co-creation processes to a nano-electronics research lab in India. Before joining the Bax & Company team he was working as R&D engineer for a University Hospital institution in Strasbourg (France) developing new surgical devices for treating digestive diseases.

Albert likes to spend his free time doing outdoor activities with his friends and family, as well as staying at home with a good book or listening to music.

Albert speaks Catalan, Spanish and English fluently, and has good French skills.