Alexander Moreno

Alex joined Bax & Company in February 2023 as an intern with the Automat team.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, he spent over four years working in various technical and management roles within machinery and energy companies. His primary driving force during this time was to contribute to the energy transition towards renewable sources. This commitment led him to pursue a double master’s degree in InnoEnergy, which he completed at both KTH Sweden and UPC in renewable energies.

Alex’s main interest lies in new technologies that can pave the way for cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. He is a firm believer in the crucial role that innovation and entrepreneurship play in realising this vision.

Besides being fluent in both Spanish and English, Alex also possesses a basic command of Portuguese.

In his free time, he enjoys exploring the diverse activities that Barcelona has to offer. However, he is particularly passionate about motorsports, football, and rugby.