Alexandra Narowski

Alexandra joined Bax and Company in May 2021 as an Innovation Intern involved in creating and leading collaborative projects in Advanced (Lightweight) Materials, and in focus areas within the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance (ELCA) Team.

Alexandra has a background in technology development and creative communications with professional experience leading and coordinating the full life-cycle management of large-scale projects in global teams within the media industry. She holds a B.A in Communications and is currently working on her last semester of her MSc Degree in Digital Business. Her interest in innovation comes from her previous experience in assessing problem analysis within large integrated projects in which she has assisted in the development of deploying digital transformation strategies and innovative solutions used to transform business planning for teams and industry leaders.

Apart from her interest in developing ecological, sustainable and innovative solutions, she loves to learn and holds certifications in digital strategy and strategic leadership and is currently pursuing additional accreditations in artificial intelligence and advanced technology.

Outside of work, Alexandra enjoys travelling, art, and creative writing.