Amber De La Haye

Amber De La Haye joined Bax & Company January 2021 as an Innovation Consultant in the Environment Team.

In her role at Bax & Company, she leads research into healthy cities and supports European innovation projects relating to health and urbanism, ecosystem restoration, and nature-based solutions for climate adaptation. Prior to joining Bax & Company Amber gained international experience in journalism and research, with a focus on green technology.

Amber holds an MA in Sociology from Goldsmiths and a BA in English Literature from the University of Manchester. During her studies, she focused on the social impact of the built environment and conducted extended research into data and health. She also has a qualification in Environmental Leadership.

Amber is a native English speaker with intermediate Spanish and a sprinkling of conversational Mandarin. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking in the mountains, visiting galleries in the city, and learning to cook in her kitchen.