Aurelio Foscari

Aurelio Foscari joined Bax & Company in November 2023 as a Junior Consultant for the Advanced Materials and Circular Economy teams.

Aurelio completed his MSc in Environmental Science at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in 2020. Motivated by a strong interest in anthropogenic particles and related contaminants released into the environment, in 2020 he joined the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig (Germany), where he conducted his research on Microplastics (MPs) and Tyre Road Wear Particles (TRWPs) analysis in environmental and biological media. During this period, he was involved in a European project which aimed to develop and optimise new and existing analytical methods and techniques for analysing MPs and TRWPs in the aquatic environment. Thanks to this experience, he gained expertise in project management and science communication, and he further developed his analytical skills.

He is very open-minded and loves to get to know other cultures, having lived in three different countries. Aurelio is passionate about various cultural activities, such as travelling, visiting museums, and going to the theatre.

When not working, he enjoys playing sports, including cycling, swimming, and training in the gym.

Aurelio speaks Spanish and English fluently, as well as his native Italian, and has a basic knowledge of French and Portuguese.