Camilla Sandberg

Camilla Sandberg joined Bax & Company as a consultant and project manager in January 2020. Camilla is interested in exploring ways to create a human and sustainable development both locally and globally and she has a particular focus on sustainable consumption and production, as well as urban development. In her role at Bax & Company, she currently leads and supports European projects related to the circular economy in public procurement and open-source digital solutions for urban challenges. Previously, she has done consultancy work in international development and sustainability and worked for six years with sustainability and corporate responsibility in the textile sector.

Camilla holds an MSc in International Relations, Security and Development from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a BSc in Global Development with specialisation in Human Geography from Stockholm University. She also has a Diploma in International Purchasing.

Camilla is fluent in Swedish, English and Spanish. Whenever she gets a chance, she likes to enjoy the sun – in the city, nature or by the sea.