Cédric Deverchere

    Cédric Deverchere joined Bax & Company as an innovation and sustainability consultant in February 2019. Together with his colleagues, he works on several projects related to energy efficiency, circular economy and resilient area development.

    Cédric strives to transform ideas into concrete projects and market opportunities. More than everything, he aims to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society through game-changing projects. He can create efficient networks and make people from different backgrounds work together on common objectives. He infuses coworkers and partners with positive energy to overcome barriers.

    After his master’s degree in general engineering in Ecole Centrale de Lyon (FR) with a specialization in Environment Management and a couple of years working, Cédric realized that scientific rationality was by far not the only parameter to make the sustainable transition succeed and that politics, economics and sociology have a crucial part to play. That is why he decided to get back to the university and completed his skills with an Urban Development master’s degree from Institut de l’Urbanisme de Lyon (FR).

    In the past 10 years Cédric has acquired a diverse and complementary experience in sustainable development and energy transition. He has worked on wind farm development in France, on urban redevelopment in Strasbourg and in the Dominican Republic. He was project coordinator at the EU-program LIFE. Hands-on experienced was gained in energy renovation projects in the housing sector and on fossil-free strategies for municipalities in the Netherlands. He got his key experience as entrepreneur and director at Operene, a French company working on acceleration of the energy transition in the housing sector by developing integral services and filling the gap between offer and demand.

    In his spare time, Cédric likes to express his energy through theater, activism and sport. He has discovered a passion for rowing in the waterways of the Netherlands. Cédric is fluent in French and English. In addition, he has good knowledge of Dutch and Spanish and basic knowledge of German.