Emma Arussi

Emma is a Junior Consultant in the Advanced Materials team of Bax & Company who joined in February 2022.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Life Sciences and a Pre-Master in Business Administration (Health Track) at the University of Groningen. In her internship at Bax & Company, she has been able to apply her science and business competencies to gain expertise in lightweight material applications and circular economy business models for the composite industry. Emma loves writing and has been able to write several articles and participate in the writing of roadmaps for the implementation of circular economy practices for materials in the automotive, aircraft, and energy industries during her time in the company.

In her gap year, Emma organised the biggest recruitment event for technical students in her university’s region, called the Beta Business Days. Next to this, she has worked as a teaching assistant at her university, where she organised laboratory practicals for life science & technology students in the fields of microbiology, human and animal physiology, neurobiology of ageing, and human behavioural sciences.

Emma speaks Dutch, English, and Hebrew fluently, and has acquired a B1 level in French. She also understand German and is currently learning Spanish. During her free time, Emma enjoys dancing, reading literature, playing piano, cooking Israeli food and organising bootcamp workouts. She is also learning guitar and has learned to use animation and video editing programs like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro in her time in Bax & Company