Franziska Dietrich

Franziska joined Bax & Company in November 2020.

Working within the EU Programmes team, Franziska coordinates the development and management of projects from various EU programmes and fields (mainly health, environment & innovative technologies) with a special focus on legal and strategic aspects.

Franziska has more than five years of experience as an Interreg programme coordinator, project evaluator and auditor. She also has experience working as a project manager within the Horizon2020 programme.

Franziska has a Bachelor’s degree in European Economics and Law from Stuttgart-Hohenheim, she also holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona. Franziska has experience working within the European Parliament, in different German public institutions as well as studying abroad. All of which has guided Franziska’s personal and professional path through Germany, Greece, Belgium and Barcelona.

Apart from spending her free time with friends and preferably out in nature, she is currently working on becoming a certified trainer for planning and setting up dog-assisted therapy sessions.

Franziska speaks native German, English and Spanish, and has a basic understanding of Catalan.