George Dedeloudis

George joined Bax & Company’s Automotive and Materials cluster in March 2019 as an intern. Originally from Athens, he is currently studying Production Engineering & Management at the Technical University of Crete in Chania. As part of his studies, George has already participated in various engineering competitions, designing case studies as part of a team.

As an ambitious and hardworking individual, he is always seeking opportunities to learn and develop his skills, and he is looking forward to immersing himself in the consultancy world.

Before joining the company, he worked as a production intern for EVGA, a leading company in Greece in food manufacturing. During his internship, he was able to learn how a factory could work along with different departments of a company.

He enjoys listening to music, exercising, socialising with friends and most importantly eating! He also plays many sports, football, hiking and cycling being the favourites.

George speaks English fluently, Greek as his mother tongue and has a good understanding of German.