Gregor Giannella
Gregor Giannella is an innovation consultant working at Bax&Company in the Climate Change & Environment cluster.
Originally European, with a strong entrepreneurial background, he is driven by a passion for mother nature and thirst for equality. Despite his young age, he has experience in different sectors, enabling him to be a dynamic thinker in our team. He is currently co-founder & chief commercial officer of a sport-tech startup and recently delivered consulting services to an emerging MaaS company in Brussels.
Earlier in his career, he was managing rural development projects in Southern Italy within the framework of the Italian Rural Development Programme funded by the EC and was part of a think-tank organizing a major industry 4.0 event in Brussels co-financed by major tech companies.
Gregor’s failures are now part of his strengths as he took part in several smaller projects which ended prematurely: an example is a low-cost precision agriculture solution for greenhouses developed during in an acceleration programme in 2016.
Gregor holds an Msc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, an Msc in Sustainable Development and a Bsc in Business & Management.
Before joining Bax&Company, Gregor received a scholarship from the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (AICS) to attend an online post-graduate course in ICT for Development & Social Good.
If you don’t find him at the office, Gregor is probably travelling somewhere around the world. He already lived several life changing experiences in Central-East Africa and South America that shaped his mindset towards sustainability.
Gregor speaks English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian fluently and has notions of Catalan and Classic Arabic.