Ignacio Magallón

Ignacio (Igna) is a Senior Strategy Consultant at Bax & Company, leading the Future Mobility and Industry 4.0 Focus Areas. He is passionate about facing the challenges that strategy consulting in innovation management presents, making the most out of every single assignment. He also has a specific interest in constantly redefining the boundaries of our impact, increasing our contributions to the major upcoming transformations of society.

Igna holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering from the ETSEIB-UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), where he is currently an Associate Professor, learning with the students on a daily basis. He has also had the opportunit to learn from other several international experiences, both in Brazil (exchange at the University of São Paulo), Berlin (internship at a large corporate) and different technical courses across Europe.

With a cosmopolitan attitude, Igna is in passion of travelling and getting to know other cultures. He enjoys his non-working hours in a versatile way, either through music, photography, playing basketball (and watching his beloved GS Warriors) or getting closer to running a marathon one day (he is halfway through). He is passionate for languages too, currently speaking Spanish, Catalan, English and Portuguese and being able to handle German.