Lisa Wiatschka

Innovation Consultant

Areas of work: Wetlands restoration, conservation and sustainable management, agricultural innovation, marine ecosystem restoration, peatlands policy, European collaboration,

Office: Barcelona

Languages spoken: German, English, Spanish

Education: MSc Agro-Environmental Management

At the weekend: I enjoy spending time in nature, at sea or in the mountains, going for a run, hiking, horseback riding, yoga, skiing, or most recently, kite surfing. I especially cherish moments spent with family and friends.

An idea that powers me: I thrive working on international projects aimed at conserving and restoring marine & terrestrial ecosystems, fostering agricultural innovation by respecting the economic viability of solutions, and identifying overlooked niche ecosystem champions. Connecting stakeholders and collaborating with various public and private partners, ranging from research to policy and business, I enjoy turning challenges into practical solutions and bringing ideas to life.

More about me: I have a background in agricultural sciences and agro-environmental management, and have always been eager to contribute to the mitigation and adaptation of climate change and the protection and conservation of nature. Working, studying and travelling in East Africa, Southeast Asia, America and Europe, I broadened my horizon and became aware of diverse climate change issues, the needs of different cultures and the importance of catalysing climate action.


Case Studies

  • Nature
Connecting Europe to protect and restore peatlands
  • Nature
Restoring Europe’s wetlands
  • Nature
Protecting and restoring peatlands across Europe for improved carbon sequestration
  • Nature
Reverting the degradation of seagrass meadows in the Mediterranean Sea