Lotte Lochtenberg

Lotte Lochtenberg joined the Bax & Company Dutch office in January 2021 as an innovation consultant intern.

Lotte graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in 2018. After graduation, and before starting her Masters, Lotte took a year off to be the treasurer of the full-time board of her study association. During this board year, she discovered her interest in strategy and innovation, Lotte therefore decided to study a Master’s degree in Strategic Product Design at the TU Delft to gain more knowledge in this field,  she is currently in her second year.

Lotte’s main interests are business development, change management, and innovation. To gain more of an in-depth knowledge in business she took part in business administration courses as a subsidiary student at the VU Amsterdam for half a year. Lotte hopes to put her strategy and business knowledge into practice at Bax & Company.

In her spare time Lotte likes to go to the gym, play games with friends, read books, and make puzzles. She is fluent in Dutch and English.