Lukas Marthaler

Lukas Marthaler joined the Bax & Company Dutch office in March 2021 as a graduate research intern.

Lukas is currently writing his thesis to finish up on his Master’s degree in Complex Systems Engineering and Management. The central topic of his thesis involves the competitive potential of the Hyperloop as opposed to Air Passenger Transport. Using data from a survey amongst Dutch travellers he aims to predict the future choice behaviour of travellers between Hyperloop and Airplanes. The topic aligns well with his interests: business development, technological innovation and strategy. Many years of experience that resides in Bax & Company greatly aid him in his research on this topic.

When he’s not writing his thesis, you can find Lukas hiking and jogging through the woods and beaches near his home in The Hague. He also plays football and you can find him cheering in front of the television every time his favourite football club plays.

Lukas is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Swiss German.