Manon Bax

Manon Bax holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Technology Management Track) from the University of Groningen. Within this programme she followed two minors: Finance and Data & Society. This sparked her interest in digital developments and how technology contributes to this.

Alongside her studies, Manon worked as a teaching assistant in organisational behaviour & technology and academic skills at the university. After finishing her bachelor’s degree, she worked as a consultant for International Business Research (IBR) – a professional research project run by students and the University of Groningen. IBR conducts research for Dutch companies in emerging economies. For this project Manon conducted field research in Kuala Lumpur and the experience solidified her enthusiasm for consultancy.

Originally from the Netherlands, Manon speaks Dutch and English. She has always played field hockey and likes to be active. Next to that, cooking is one of her favourite activities and she likes to draw, mostly fun postal cards.