Manon van Ginkel

Manon van Ginkel joined Bax & Company in March 2020 as a junior consultant. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Science and Innovation Management from Utrecht University and is currently following a master’s in Industrial Ecology at TU Delft and Leiden University. Manon is interested in a broad range of topics, as long as it involves the creation of value for society. During her studies, she worked on projects on smart city, renewable energy systems, food waste and production, circularity and symbiotic industry relationships. She did a minor in Sustainable Energy, worked at several consultancy firms alongside her studies and also has experience with teaching at Utrecht University.

As an Industrial Ecologist, Manon takes a systemic approach to sustainability. Her interdisciplinary background allows her to think across discipline boundaries and take into account the social, technical and economic aspects of innovation and sustainability. Lifecycle thinking and systems thinking allow for avoidance of problem shifting and therefore result in integral and durable solutions. Manon is fascinated by nature, by the way ecosystems are self-organizing and capable of using locally available materials and energy in a way that does not create waste and is cyclic, responsive, resilient, and optimizes rather than maximizes. She believes a lot can be learned from this and industrial and economic systems should take natural ecosystems as an example.

When she is not working or studying, Manon likes to go out for a walk in nature, cook nice meals and do gardening. If there’s any time left, she enjoys painting, drawing and photography. Manon is fluent in both Dutch and English.