Marc Verbenkov

Marc Verbenkov graduated in Science and Technology Studies from Maastricht University (NL), completing his specialization in Innovation and Global Challenges at the University of Oslo, within the network of the European Inter-University Association on Society Science and Technology (ESST).

Prior to these studies Marc collaborated on environmental and development based projects with international NGO´s in North, Central and Latin America. A developed passion for the societal repercussions of emerging technologies led him towards freelance consulting with small and medium sized companies and startups generating funding for technology based innovations.

Apart from being fascinated by emerging technologies and their impacts on business and society, Marc likes to spend his free time as an acrobatics enthusiast, avidly going on mountain treks, as well as the occasional scuba diving excursion.

Marc speaks English fluently, French and Spanish conversationally, and is intent on picking up the local Catalan.