Marc Verbenkov

Marc Verbenkov has been a consultant at Bax & Company for two years. Marc’s primary focus is the Automation Department, where he supports clients and develops and manages projects focused on the impact of new technologies (including the adoption of collaborative robots, exoskeletons, autonomous vehicles).

Marc’s aim is to bring value to the discussion surrounding the wave of automation that we currently find ourselves in and help navigate the future trend of automation in industry, society and the public domains. Prior to joining, Marc collaborated on development based projects with international NGOs in North, Central and Latin America. The passion he developed during these projects for the socioeconomic repercussions of emerging technologies led him towards freelance consulting with startups and SMEs focusing on adopting new technologies in Canada.

Being Canadian, Marc is an avid multi-day trekker intent on traversing the Pyrenees, but also practices partner acrobatics and enjoys the occasional scuba dive.

Marc speaks English fluently, French and Spanish conversationally.