Marcos Ierides

Marcos joined Bax & Company as a consultant in 2014. He is involved in projects related to the automotive industry, such as lightweight composite materials, and digital manufacturing.

Marcos holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Air and Ground Transportation Means from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and a Masters in General Management from Vlerick Business School in Ghent, Belgium.

Before joining Bax & Company, he worked as an external consultant, aiding a chemical multinational define and plan its Corporate Sustainability strategy. Additionally, he has worked as a Third Party Industrial Inspector in various locations in Germany. During his student years, he was a member in international student NGOs, where he held various leadership positions. He was particularly active in the training and personal development area, for which he attended many workshops around the world.

When not working on Bax & Company projects, he enjoys playing classical music, wandering in the city taking pictures, traveling to dazzling destinations to attend interesting events, and doing outdoor sports. Marcos speaks Greek and English, has a basic understanding of French and Italian, and he’s working on developing his Spanish!