Marie Daccache

Marie Daccache joined BaxCo in September 2017. As an innovation consultant, she works towards unlocking the potential of public/private collaboration by developing cutting-edge, data-driven solutions to challenges faced by cities, businesses and local governments. She aims to ensure that upcoming technologies are used to support sustainability goals. She is dedicated to creating strategic and innovative coalitions and to bridging gaps between sectors and disciplines.

She decided to join an innovation consultancy company to see how value can be created from strategic partnerships, science and technology to projects having a great impact on society.

Prior to joining the company, she has been working for both startups and multinational companies. As a digital project manager, she has developed various innovative digital retail solutions for international brands.

In her spare time, she loves hiking, cooking with friends and family and travelling worldwide to dive into new cultures. She likes stepping out of her comfort zone and has been living in Paris, London and Istanbul.

Marie speaks French and English fluently and has notions of Italian and Spanish.