Marine Viale

Marine joined Bax & Company in August 2022 as an Innovation Consultant.

She has experience working with multinationals, startup social enterprises and NGOs. These experiences corroborated her aspiration to explore strategy in action to promote change and foster creativity in envisioning new futures.

Marine’s wish to confront environmental challenges in both theory and practice, academically and professionally, led her to Wageningen University where she obtained a Masters in Biobased Sciences (circular economy specialisation). During her studies, she did an internship under the Farming Systems Ecology chair group where she joined an organisation to investigate opportunities that lie at the crossover between digitisation and farmer capacity building in Rwanda’s coffee sector. Marine’s MSc thesis was under the Rural Sociology chair group. In this research, she developed a concept providing a medical anthropological account that examines the expression of Ayurveda in European contexts, the paper was soon after converted into an article that was published in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine.

Now at Bax & Company, Marine combines her extensive interests to look at projects from multiple angles, with a focus on advancing innovation in the circular bioeconomy. Outside work, she is either searching for hidden gems to explore around the city, roaming around with friends, or getting absorbed studying traditional systems of medicine, which is also a huge passion of hers. Marine speaks French and English, and is taking advantage of being in Barcelona to realise her long-time intent of improving her Spanish.