Max Berkelmans

Max Berkelmans joined Bax & Company in February 2018 as a project consultant. Max is passionate about topics such as circularity, climate adaptation and sustainable land-use and ways how the public and private sector can collaborate and develop innovative solutions to solve complex issues.

Max holds a MSc degree in Sustainable Business at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (NL) and bachelor’s degrees in Sociology (BSc) and International Relations (BA) at the University of Groningen (NL). Throughout his studies, Max has been active in various sport and cultural committees. He took place in the local board of AIESEC, the world´s largest non-profit youth run organisation, during which he provided internship possibilities for student worldwide. As he is a great fan of discovering new places and cultures as well, Max studied Economics at the University of Chile in Santiago de Chile for half a year.

In his spare time, Max likes to play tennis, read, travel, run, prepare delicious meals and play the guitar.

Although he started in the Barcelona office, Max now lives and works in the vibrant city of Rotterdam. He speaks Dutch, English and Spanish fluently and has notions of German and French.