Miguel Ángel Pérez Cabeza

Miguel joined Bax & Company in April 2022 and works as an Innovation Consultant of European Projects.

His motivations to understand the world and social dynamics led him to study a Bachelor in Political Science and International Relations at Leiden University in The Netherlands. Later, he decided to pursue an interdisciplinary master´s degree in International Economics and Politics at the University of Barcelona. During his studies he developed interests in global governance, sustainable policy making, natural resource and energy management, and development economics.

In the past, Miguel worked as an intern at the Embassy of Mexico in The Netherlands, where he gained significant experience in the political and economic cooperation behind investment and development projects between the EU and Mexico. In another context, he also worked for a start-up aiming to transition Mexican households and SMEs from state-owned fossil fuelled electricity to domestically produced solar energy through photovoltaic cell systems. These experiences drove Miguel to pursue a career in which international cooperation, innovative policies, and sustainable projects come together for a positive impact on society and the environment.

Miguel is an avid traveller with an inherent sense of adventure. He likes moving around nature and city settings with his camera. When at home, he enjoys music, films and books. Cooking and tasting new food also make him happy.

Miguel speaks English and Spanish fluently and can hold conversations in French and Italian. He hopes to improve the former and add some Dutch to the mix.