Nacho Sarrió

Nacho joined Bax & Company’s Automotive and Materials cluster in March 2019 as an intern. He is currently studying an MSc in Industrial Engineering in ETSEIB UPC, and prior to this he studied an industrial engineering degree at IQS, including a semester at the University of San Diego.

His interest in different sectors and continuous learning has led him to Bax & Company where he can satisfy both his technical, innovation and organisational needs and bring value through his ideas and skills.

Before joining the company, he worked as a body engineering intern for Rücker-Lypsa and co-founded Fundrawings, an art and illustration studio.

He enjoys drawing, listening to music, playing the guitar and spending time with family and friends (best when combined all together). He also likes to be active and involved in different projects at the same time, as well as practising sports such as football, surfing or tennis.

Nacho speaks Catalan, Spanish and English fluently and has some basic French skills.