Niccolò Corti

Niccolò Corti joined Bax & Company in January 2024 as a trainee consultant specialising in Mobility Planning and Logistics.

He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. Fuelled by his passion for sustainable and healthy cities, Niccolò decided to pursue an EIT Master’s in Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions, embarking on a double degree program. His studies began in Eindhoven at TU/e, where he delved into the realms of smart, healthy urban environments, transportation planning, and entrepreneurship during his first year. He then continued his education at KTH in Stockholm, focusing more on urban logistics and regional planning. As of January, Niccolo has successfully completed his academic coursework at KTH and is currently working on his thesis, anticipating graduation this summer, both at KTH and TU/e.

The choice to join Bax & Company was driven not only by his career aspirations but also by the allure of Barcelona, a city at the forefront of Urban Planning and Active Mobility.

In his spare time, Niccolò likes to stay active by running and fuelling his runs with home-cooking. 

Niccolò speaks Italian and English fluently, is currently learning Spanish, and has a basic understanding of German and Dutch.